Empty, quiet spaces that seek to evoke silence and emptiness through their minimal ordered forms… these abstract paintings are contemplative in nature.

The surfaces are built up through intense layering of colour –over time– to achieve physical depth in the paintings. These layers relate to the way in which layers are built up and worn down through the natural processes of time in nature. This process also helps to create a sense of “yugen”–an Asian concept which means “inexpressible depth” or invisible beauty”. This idea arises from the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi which describes the inexpressible beauty which things, especially natural objects, attain with the passage of time. It incorporates the idea of the beauty of imperfection and irregularity or roughness and avoids ornamentation in structure.

These paintings  originally arose out  of an Interest in Asian minimalism and are informed by research into  Zen Buddhism, Zen art work and the influence of its philosophical ideas especially in the work of post war American Abstract artists such as Ad Reinhardt, Robert Ryman, Blinky Palermo etc. whose  work reflects the  influence of Asian culture on American painting from the1950’s. At the root of the work is a sense of dissatisfaction with modern society. The work arose out a search for a sense of peace and order closely associated with the Zen Buddhist religion and its focus on mindfulness and meditation as a way of living and as an alternative to the constant stimulus and distraction of modern life.


1996 – B.A. ARTS in English and Philosophy (Honours), National University of Ireland Galway.

2001 – National Diploma in Fine Art (With Distinction), Crawford College of Art and Design

2002 – B.A. Fine Art – Painting (First Class Honours), Crawford College of Art and Design.

2007 – M.A. Arts – Ceramic Design, National College of Art and Design



2001 – “Selected Group Exhibition” – Lavit Gallery

2002 – “Student of the year show “- Lavit Gallery in association with the Cork Arts Society.

2002 – “Christmas Exhibition” – Lavit Gallery

2003 – “Editions”- Lavit Gallery

2003 – “Iontas”- Sligo Art Gallery, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Millennium Arts Centre Portadown.

              Curated by Richard Torchia.

2004 – “Winter Exhibition” -Limerick Printmakers.

2004 – “Impressions – National Open Print Exhibition” – Galway Arts Centre.

2005  – “Studio Artists Exhibition”- Customs House Gallery.

2005 – “Studio Artists Winter Exhibition”- Customs House Gallery.

2007 – “40 Year Retrospective Exhibition” – Lavit Gallery.

2008 – “Winter Exhibition – Lemonstreet Gallery.

2010 – “Backwater Twenty 10” – Crawford Art Gallery.

            Curated by Stephen Brandes and Vera Ryan.

2010 – “Art of Giving Finalists Exhibition” – The Saatchi Gallery, London.

           Curated by Terry o Neill, Christian Furr and Vic Reeves.

2010 – “Impressions, National Open Print Exhibition” – Galway Arts Centre.

               Curated by Chris Orr R.A.

2011 – “Divine Creation” – Catalyst Arts, Belfast.

2011 – “Open Art Summer Exhibition “ – Leitrim Sculpture Centre.

2011 – “Revolver” – Wexford Arts Centre.

2012 – “Red Dot Fundraising Exhibition and Auction – The Lavit Gallery.

2013 – “Small is Beautiful, Who’s afraid of Red Yellow and Blue” – Flowers East Gallery, London.                  

2014 – “184th Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Exhibition, Royal Hibernian Academy Dublin.

2015 –  “AIB Eigse” – Visual Centre For Contemporary Art, Carlow. Curated by Lewis Biggs.

2015 – “Small is Beautiful XXXIII” – Flowers Central Gallery, Cork Street, London.

2016 – “DRAW 2016” – Backwater Artists Studio’s, Cork.

2016 – “Small is Beautiful XXXIV” – Flowers Central Gallery, Cork Street, London.

2017 – “Small is Beautiful XXXV” –  Flowers Central Gallery, Cork Street, London

2018 – “Small is Beautiful XXXVI” – Flowers Central Gallery, Cork Street, London.